When predators eat the smaller prey, the plastic bioaccumulates up the food chain, eventually reaching humans.

Recently, plastic litter is emerging as two major issues

  • Toxic additives increase their durability,
  • Microplastics absorb pollutants from the ocean.

We have
enough evidence to act

Plastics are not the enemy.  It’s more about our consumption habits.
The real solution is to stop them from entering the ocean — in the first place — and then to rethink our whole approach to them.

Each One of Us can be a
Game Changer by applying the 3Rs
— Reduce — ReUse — Recycle

More than 70% of our planet is
water, seas and oceans
They dramatically are dirty

Each one of us is a Citizen and can make a difference

We are Citizens and we founded DIRTY70 because we want to change the game about the disastrous environmental situation of our seas and oceans.

Citizen Science means that scientist work together with the public on research projects to collect or analyse data.  We decided to start our activities to help scientists to obtain more qualified data, leading to updated studies and bringing new economical and strategic prevention policy by Industrial Partners.

We also believe that each one of us can take action by changing habits and reducing the litter production.  Learn what you can do to reduce your own single-use plastics, and take your pledge.


We apply scientist standard procedures in an organized sequency to collect samples properly and maintain a healthy and high quality water for all.

Many initiatives and ideas are born from the will to find solutions to stop this disaster.  It seems that the scientific world does not have enough qualified and standardized data to fully understand how plastic litter interacts with the natural environment and our health.

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