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Packaging solutions : Reduce, recycle & don’t reuse

Consumer goods companies across beverages, processed foods and alcohol have begun exploring alternative packaging solutions, including glass, to reduce use of plastic on mounting concerns over plastic waste, and possible bans by more state governments after Maharashtra.

Packaging solutions : Reduce, recycle & don’t reuse
Packaging solutions : Reduce, recycle & don’t reuse

While companies such as Pepsi-Co, Cremica Food Industries, and Allied Blenders and Distillers consider increased use of glass in packaging, they feel adopting collaborative technology to recycle waste is the best way to deal with the plastic waste menace, particularly considering challenges of adopting alternative solutions. For example, glass costs much more than plastic, it can break, and it’s in short supply.

“We are working to reduce the quantity of plastic packaging on one hand, and also to scale up alternative packaging solutions,” a PepsiCo India spokeswoman said. The maker of Pepsi cola, 7Up lemon drink and Lay’s snacks plans to scale up non-returnable glass bottles that it uses for its no-sugar drink Pepsi Black, and is piloting a 100% compostable, plant-based packaging for snacks products.

“India will be among the first countries to pilot this new, sustainable packaging solution developed by PepsiCo; the new packaging is biobased, made from plant-based material and is 100% compostable,” she said. The company plans to launch this pilot for Lay’s and Kurkure snacks products in the fourth quarter of 2018, she said.

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