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Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Our Health

Most of us grew up in an age where the mantra of “plastic is fantastic” shaped our environment to the extent that today plastic really is all around us. Look around you. Food and beverage containers, cosmetic and toiletry containers, pens, car interiors, your laptop mouse, toys, bags, packaging, floors, shoes and your cellphone screen.

Materials that do not readily look like plastic include plastic polymers or resins like Styrofoam and food can liners. Other not so obvious plastics are in cosmetics, toothpastes, adhesives, lubricants, detergents and internal medical devices.

Plastic toxicity for human body

Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Our Health
Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Our Health

Plastics can be made of a selection of many different chemicals to improve its properties, to prevent degradation in the environment when exposed to light, humidity, temperature or microorganisms, to make it more or less flexible, to lessen flammability or to color it.

Many of these substances are not bound to the chemical chain of the plastic, which means that they can migrate under different circumstances as small as a change in temperature or light. Toxic ingredients can evaporate into the air and be breathed in. They can readily absorb into the skin. And they can leach into food or drink and then be ingested.

Breathing near plastic trash being burned, opening a new plastic item that releases a strong odor, applying body lotion, drinking hot coffee from a Styrofoam cup [1], reusing a water bottle, eating food microwaved in a plastic container, or that has been frozen in a plastic container or even food that has simply been stored in a while… any of these common practices allow chemicals from plastic to migrate easily into the body.

Plastic comes in many forms but there is general consensus that while a useful material, there are serious concerns about its effects on human health.

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